10 Tips for Teaching with interactive whiteboards

  1. Add visual excitement to an English lesson
    Wordle lets you quickly create colorful word clouds from vocabulary lists or the key words from a poem. Projected onto your eno interactive whiteboard, students see the words out of context, yet find new ways to relate them to the lesson.
  2. Reduce the need for note taking
    Keep students and parents in the loop by saving notes from your eno board and emailing or posting them to a class website. Access saved notes to review concepts with the entire class, absent students or those struggling to understand.
  3. Integrate Google Earth
    Install Google Earth and use eno to fly around the world, zoom in to areas and create a dynamic lesson. You can tour cities in 3D, access Wikipedia entries and geo-tagged photos, and even cross-curricular task. Learn more at Google Earth Wiki.
  4. Quick, right-click trick
    To right-mouse click without walking away from your eno interactive whiteboard, hold the stylus in one spot on the board for just a few seconds. You'll get the right mouse-click function, as if you were at your computer.
  5. Take a virtual field trip
    Google Maps Street View lets you take a walking field trip to somewhere near your school or a far away place your class has never been. Use eno to involve students in a local geography lesson: Map out a school bus route and allow students to show their bus stop using the stylus or magnets.
  6. Turn a dull worksheet into an engaging resource
    Using RM Easiteach® educational software, you can incorporate video into your lessons to bring learning to life. Once you save or download a video clip to your desktop:
    • Click on "resources" tab in RM Easiteach
    • Then, click on the "multimedia bank" and go to "browse".
    • Choose the video from your desktop and drag it onto the screen.
  7. Prepare lessons remotely
    Go ahead and install RM Easiteach on your home computer. It's free for teachers who use the software in the classroom. You'll have full power to create your lessons from home—away from the classroom and your interactive whiteboard. Once complete, save the files to a USB stick or email them to your school account. You are ready when you enter the classroom the next day.
  8. Record, reuse and reinforce
    Jing (free download) enables you to record parts of a lesson, refer to them later or send to students who are having difficulty in particular areas. For example, when teaching students how to solve a tough math equation, just talk while working through the steps of the problem on-screen. Save the recording and post as a link to a website, send via email, or embed in an Easiteach file.
  9. Add excitement and curiosity right from the beginning
    "Befuddle" your lessons by creating an interactive puzzle out of an ordinary photo. Use the puzzle as a starter for a lesson, or to consolidate learning at the end of a session
  10. Save time in class
    Use toolbars included with RM Easiteach and magnetic icon strip (eno), integrated controls (TS Series) or remote control (Walk-and-Talk™) to pull up frequently used content tools (graphs, number lines, shapes), cutting down on the time you would have used to draw or write the information.
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