Frequently Asked Questions

Stylus pens are uncommonly used with interactive whiteboards

PolyVision emphasizes end-user research and through our research we’ve found that a stylus pen fits the teaching and learning style of today’s 21st century classroom environment.

Batteries in pens are inefficient

Batteries have been used successfully in interactive whiteboard pens for years. The eno stylus is powered by standard, off-the-shelf AAA Lithium batteries with energy-saving features ensuring long life. Since eno does not require electrical power, the savings in power consumption is a large financial advantage over the competition.

Please explain the eno warranty

eno offers the industry's most comprehensive and inclusive warranty: Forever Warranty™ on the surface, 10-years on workmanship and 2-years on the stylus pen. We invite you to compare warranties on competitive interactive whiteboards to further realize the advantages of eno.

PolyVision interactive whiteboards lack content

PolyVision's driver-based approach is actually just the opposite. You can use all the content you’ve already developed without concern—and develop new content to meet the changing needs of your classroom. No need to worry about which website will work, a teacher CD, Watermarks, etc. With eno, if you have a valid software license, it will work.

PolyVision does not provide software

PolyVision interactive whiteboards are designed to complement the way you teach allowing you to immediately use your current software programs, documents and websites. However, PolyVision provides RM Easiteach with every interactive whiteboard and keeps your options open for other applications of your choosing. With a driver-based board and eno's easy-to-use icon strip, your existing software and websites automatically become enhanced visual communications tools. No other interactive whiteboard on the market offers as much freedom and flexibility when it comes to software as eno.

What peripherals do you offer?

PolyVision offers a full line of peripherals compatible with all of our interactive whiteboards. They are also designed to work independently as best-in-class for their respective product lines. eno gives you the best in interactive whiteboards and all support products, including peripherals.

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